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Moth eaten knits - Darning and Embroidering over knitwear holes

Learning a new skill whilst being kind to the planet….what’s not to love!
Worcester Park
£45 pp
Next available date:15th September 2022
What happens in this class?

Moths just love knitwear and seem to have taken a particular liking to my favourite knitwear this last year. I’m sure l’m not alone! Good job l can fix the hole up with a method called darning and then use embroidery to add a pretty design….and voila l have a new and improved jumper!

Embroidery is great to up-cycle and revamp once loved items of clothing. You can use embroidery to fix holes, cover over stains and bring a new life to tired looking clothes.

It’s an addictive craft and before you know it you…

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Things to remember

You will need to bring along some moth eaten knitwear! Grab that favourite jumper of yours and show it some love!

All other materials, equipment and light refreshments will be provided.

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